Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What my son hears....

It is the first beautiful day in some time.
It is one of those glorious days.
The sun is brilliant in a bright blue sky.
I sit in a rocker on my front porch. Oh! the pleasures of the porch.
I close my eyes and just listen. I am surrounded by sound.
Chatting and singing and coaxing their young.
The rustle of leaves is frenzied.
I am transfixed.
Why don't I hear this everyday? It is mesmerizing.
It transports me to another place far far away...
perhaps to where my son is.
I think of him everyday
and wonder what he see's
and hears.
I picture him...sitting on a porch.
His eyes closed...

Wall art decor, print of an original oil painting, mom, boy, Treasures

I dedicate this post to my son Sean- nature enthusiast and future herpetologist. I love you son. You have opened my eyes and my ears. For that, I am forever grateful.

The Fine Art print above "Treasures"  is by the very talented artist Kat hannah. To see more of her artwork, visit her shop on  Etsy :   http://www.etsy.com/shop/KatHannah

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another thing about Valentines Day....

........and the real reason I love this day so much is how I spend it. Every year my husband and I are fortunate enough to celebrate this loving day with four of  our dearest friends. Each year we gather to laugh (alot), eat (too much) and drink (even more). A joyful night.

Now the morning after...another story. But, look at the beautiful aftermath.

 Still looking fresh....

The prettiest "dirty dishes" ever

I think it was "crumbleberry pie" (raspberry apple)
Dining room shelf was pretty to look at.

Kiss tickets. We each got two, and could use them anytime to steal a kiss...with anyone!
Wonderful champagne!  

Such a beautiful reminder of an evening with great friends. This was 2010's celebration. Thrilled to think in only a few days we will gather again for more of the same.

 It's nice to share the good stuff! Thank's so much for visiting.

Lovely Valentines Day to all!  XO


I clicked too soon on my last post and all my photos have no captions. Forgive me...I am a novice. I learn as I go. Check back to see if I managed to correct it.

o' where o' where...

...have I been??? No one knows. Not even me. Body...home.  Mind... all over the place, and no place.

I am always tired in January. So, I sleep.  Alot.  Through half of it,   so it seems. Like a hibernation of sorts. When I do wake up (like mid (?) month) it's all good. There's clarity and focus and creativity...and, magic on the horizon, which is  VALENTINES DAY!  It totally motivates me.

So, this year, like every year I hole up in the studio and create "Hearts". It is a celebration. A once a year, two week departure from my everyday. The focus is very clear. The shape familiar and heartwarming. The aim...to lovingly create a token that symbolizes love. No brainer.  I am lucky to have so much love in my life...so lucky.

Each 3 1/2 x 6" wooden heart assemblage is crafted using the beautiful images from back issues of my favorite magazines, collected bits of vintage lace, snippets of ribbons and old world millinery , antique buttons, metal findings, jewelry and all things pretty.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Design Team Reveal #2....just my colors!

Today is the Design Teams second reveal. It is always fun to see what each of us has created using the same elements. This months offerings came from  http://www.etsy.com/shop/wildheart515  and was beautifully put together. Visit her shop- it is wonderful!
Beautifully packaged goodies!

There was alot packed into that little bag.
Getting started is the biggest challenge for me...the deciding "what to do"..."what to create"?  Well........I had to start somewhere, so, I pulled out the elements that spoke to me the loudest.  The paper leaves...the tea stained seam binding and ric rac trim...the pearl stick pin with a few wonderful pearl beads threaded on it...the stamen spray and a mop button. Then the mulling was over. I knew just what I wanted to do.

All those wonderful little bits belonged in a Black Box.

I pulled out some coordinating papers, and an old photo holder and added a bit of black velvet. Voila!
This carved coral focal piece has been waiting for home for a long time.
I designed this piece to hold a personal photo. The back opens easily to access the photo holder, so, you can replace my photo with yours. It has inspired me to add some similar styles to my shop. Why should'nt your cherished photographs be displayed as art? I think this will be the first piece in a new series of products for me. Thank you Sadie and Wild Heart for the inspiration.

I have one more "reveal". Kind of like a p.s. piece....created with the rest of the items in my package to make this lttle "Halloween"hanging


Reverse side. Looking at this now...it should have "Happy Halloween" written on the back.

 I used most of what was left of my items. The book page became the ruffle. The paper flowers were folded then put together with the mop button for a center piece (I even used the cotton string to sew the button on). I dusted the pumpkin and the oval opening with the mica flakes.
Please take a moment to visit the other Artists reveal. Here are the links to their sites:

Stephanie- Cotton Candy Cottage
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Thank you Sadie from Lollishops  http://lollishops.blogspot.com/

Please stop by and see the wonderful offerings Sadie has put together at 

Thank you so much for visiting. Have a wonderful day.
XO, Donna

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fruits of my labor of love

Just a quickie post to unveil a few pieces that came out of the last "Market Day" finds. ( I am feeling the itch to get back out there- it's been a whole two weeks!)

Mother of Pearl, Sterling and Marcasite gem, was easy to find a home for.

Love this Jet Spray!
Thanks for visiting. ( I said it was "just a quickie!). Working on the next Design Team Challenge due to reveal on Sunday...I'm a bit behind.... so till then, best to all.

Fondly, Donna

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

Today was "market day"! The weather was perfect and the pickins' amazing. I spent all my cash at the first two vendors...something I never do. Thankfully- I had a checkbook and an honest face.

Amazing brooches!

Lace, vintage trims and beautiful old button cards!
I really missed my "hunting and gathering" friends- Cynthia and Rebecca....but I did o.k. omo. Going solo is not as much fun, but, you do stay more focused. Did I say- it's not as much fun....
One of a dozen old cards I bought!

Some days you get really lucky. Like today. The thrill of the hunt! The joy in the find!

Thanks for visiting, XO Donna

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I will be grateful for this day!

So, here we have it- it's the Fall Design Team Challenge "reveal day"! Just to catch you all up...six Lollishops artists were chosen for a Fall design challenge. We were all sent the same kit of goodies, graciously donated by http://www.etsy.com/shop/icingonthecakestudio
                                                 Lots of wonderful goodies to create with.

Here is the list of our Design Team Members, so bookmark those blogs because some of us will be having giveaways!
Stephanie- Cotton Candy Cottage
Sadie-Craftily Ever After
Ele-A Bit of Pink Heaven
Marilee-Marilee Jane Designs
Donna-Lovely Things Studio
Kathi-Out On a Whim Studio

I promised myself I would'nt over think this. Just do!...haha....everyone that knows me, knows- that's impossible. I mull (forever). I play. I do, then redo. I obsess. I obsess some more. It is just the way for me. Cest la Vie! 

The "altered" elements
Everything got a Tea bath. Fabric was ripped. Wallpaper was stripped. Flowers were taken apart and put back together (so they'd be softer looking). I tried to use as much of the product as possible. In the end I decided on all the neutral elements- it's more "me".

"I will be grateful for this day"

I enjoyed creating this piece. I don't often get to play outside my world of Photo Frames. It was a welcome change from my everyday. ( Although, I enjoy my everyday-very much!)

I want to hang this everywhere!

Big beautiful flower and paper leaves.
I love little sayings. My fridge is covered with snips from books and magazines. Some of my very favorites (I have many...many) are:

"Every woman should own a dress capable of making a grown man cry."

"I try to put things away, but they come back out."

"The most important thing to do in life is LOVE what you do. It gets you through the rough parts."


Visit  Lollishops at  lollishops.blogspot.com to read more about this challenge and get a peek at next months goodies ( I am already excited) and... stop by the shops lollishops.com for some wonderful frou frou shopping!

Thanks so much for visiting.

Have a wonderful day, Donna