Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What my son hears....

It is the first beautiful day in some time.
It is one of those glorious days.
The sun is brilliant in a bright blue sky.
I sit in a rocker on my front porch. Oh! the pleasures of the porch.
I close my eyes and just listen. I am surrounded by sound.
Chatting and singing and coaxing their young.
The rustle of leaves is frenzied.
I am transfixed.
Why don't I hear this everyday? It is mesmerizing.
It transports me to another place far far away...
perhaps to where my son is.
I think of him everyday
and wonder what he see's
and hears.
I picture him...sitting on a porch.
His eyes closed...

Wall art decor, print of an original oil painting, mom, boy, Treasures

I dedicate this post to my son Sean- nature enthusiast and future herpetologist. I love you son. You have opened my eyes and my ears. For that, I am forever grateful.

The Fine Art print above "Treasures"  is by the very talented artist Kat hannah. To see more of her artwork, visit her shop on  Etsy :   http://www.etsy.com/shop/KatHannah

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another thing about Valentines Day....

........and the real reason I love this day so much is how I spend it. Every year my husband and I are fortunate enough to celebrate this loving day with four of  our dearest friends. Each year we gather to laugh (alot), eat (too much) and drink (even more). A joyful night.

Now the morning after...another story. But, look at the beautiful aftermath.

 Still looking fresh....

The prettiest "dirty dishes" ever

I think it was "crumbleberry pie" (raspberry apple)
Dining room shelf was pretty to look at.

Kiss tickets. We each got two, and could use them anytime to steal a kiss...with anyone!
Wonderful champagne!  

Such a beautiful reminder of an evening with great friends. This was 2010's celebration. Thrilled to think in only a few days we will gather again for more of the same.

 It's nice to share the good stuff! Thank's so much for visiting.

Lovely Valentines Day to all!  XO


I clicked too soon on my last post and all my photos have no captions. Forgive me...I am a novice. I learn as I go. Check back to see if I managed to correct it.

o' where o' where...

...have I been??? No one knows. Not even me. Body...home.  Mind... all over the place, and no place.

I am always tired in January. So, I sleep.  Alot.  Through half of it,   so it seems. Like a hibernation of sorts. When I do wake up (like mid (?) month) it's all good. There's clarity and focus and creativity...and, magic on the horizon, which is  VALENTINES DAY!  It totally motivates me.

So, this year, like every year I hole up in the studio and create "Hearts". It is a celebration. A once a year, two week departure from my everyday. The focus is very clear. The shape familiar and heartwarming. The aim...to lovingly create a token that symbolizes love. No brainer.  I am lucky to have so much love in my life...so lucky.

Each 3 1/2 x 6" wooden heart assemblage is crafted using the beautiful images from back issues of my favorite magazines, collected bits of vintage lace, snippets of ribbons and old world millinery , antique buttons, metal findings, jewelry and all things pretty.