Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

Today was "market day"! The weather was perfect and the pickins' amazing. I spent all my cash at the first two vendors...something I never do. Thankfully- I had a checkbook and an honest face.

Amazing brooches!

Lace, vintage trims and beautiful old button cards!
I really missed my "hunting and gathering" friends- Cynthia and Rebecca....but I did o.k. omo. Going solo is not as much fun, but, you do stay more focused. Did I say- it's not as much fun....
One of a dozen old cards I bought!

Some days you get really lucky. Like today. The thrill of the hunt! The joy in the find!

Thanks for visiting, XO Donna


  1. You hit the motherload!!! WOW! Those gorgeous mop brooches? or are they buttons? Stunning. And you take such beautiful pictures. Missed being able to go with you, that work thing is always getting in the way! xoxo

  2. Oh my! You got some wonderful things!!! We don't have great markets here in Phoenix,(in fact we don't have any) so I hit all I can whenever I travel out of state. What we do have is Garage Sales and we are coming into prime garage sale season! It's hit or miss though! Glad you found some wonderful goodies! Have a wonderful weekend!!!
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