Friday, February 4, 2011

Another thing about Valentines Day....

........and the real reason I love this day so much is how I spend it. Every year my husband and I are fortunate enough to celebrate this loving day with four of  our dearest friends. Each year we gather to laugh (alot), eat (too much) and drink (even more). A joyful night.

Now the morning after...another story. But, look at the beautiful aftermath.

 Still looking fresh....

The prettiest "dirty dishes" ever

I think it was "crumbleberry pie" (raspberry apple)
Dining room shelf was pretty to look at.

Kiss tickets. We each got two, and could use them anytime to steal a kiss...with anyone!
Wonderful champagne!  

Such a beautiful reminder of an evening with great friends. This was 2010's celebration. Thrilled to think in only a few days we will gather again for more of the same.

 It's nice to share the good stuff! Thank's so much for visiting.

Lovely Valentines Day to all!  XO


I clicked too soon on my last post and all my photos have no captions. Forgive me...I am a novice. I learn as I go. Check back to see if I managed to correct it.


  1. Hi
    I came across your blog through the Etsy Shop. Your "things" are indeed "lovely"!!! I especially love the photos of your Valentine's Day celebration. You, or whoever shot them have a great eye. The decor looks fabulous. Where were the photos taken? I'd love to see more of the room decor. Looking forward to following your blog. I can tell you are a detail person, and I love details! I hope your Valentine's Day celebration this year is as much fun as your last!

  2. Dear Vintagelovertoo,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment...and thank you for the compliment.

    Our Valentine celebrations are really special to me. The gathering of dear close friends is a gift that keeps on giving. You take away all those great memories with you. And, if your lucky enough (before the wine blurr kicks in) too!

    Last year, I hosted. So, I fussed a bit more than say...this year...hahaha. (We each take turns every third year- my turn. I so enjoyed getting out my pink milk glass that only comes out in February. My Kitchen is the black and white toile and always looks kinda romantic. If I ever move...I just may have to wallpaper with the same pattern.

    I made beef (boeuf) bourguignon. Did you see the movie Julie and Julia? will be awhile before I make THAT again. We laughed about it this year and decided to attempt it, again- only if we do it "together". hahaha....

    Hope you had a beautiful Valentines Day. Until next time,


  3. You have a gorgeous site! I have admired your shop for some time... so glad to find this! You are so talented.. I love your work.

  4. Hi
    Time to update your blog with more photos of your lovely things!

  5. Dear Vintage,

    You are so right! I have been a little under the weather lately so have hesitated on posting. I have had a change in a prescription medication that has really "scrambled my brain"!!! "Dazed. Confused. And depressed." Hows that for a for a blog post title?! hahaha.

    Still creating and adding product to my shop on Etsy...but, slowly.

    I appreciate the poke. Truly.

    Thanks. Fondly, Donna

  6. Oh, so sorry you're not feeling well! Spring is coming, so hopefully that will help. Feel better...I'll check back and will look forward to the "haze" lifting. Better days are shining through!
    Hang in there and take care!